Basic Free Hands Technique DVD - Special Sale Price

$ 25.00

Two hours of lessons on the most basic aspects of Stick Technique, broken down into easy to understand and execute exercises. 

Compatible with all major 10-string and 12-string Stick tunings, including Classic, Matched Reciprocal and Baritone Melody.

No zone restrictions. Compatible with all DVD and computer DVD players.

"Just finished some unstructured practice time and feeling good. I have to thank you because following my single skype lesson with you and owning a copy of Basic Free Hands for about a week now - my world has really opened up. Shedding my old habits and sensing this new freedom is astounding. " —Ryan Wilde

"I have never seen a more thorough or well thought out display of knowledge." —Dave Brosky, Pennsylvania

"Hi Greg, I took some time to watch and listen your DVD I received some days ago, and it's fantastic." — Bruno Ricard, France

"Great DVD and a vital tool if you want to build independence and stamina." —Bernie Landry, Quebec

"What an outstanding piece of work. Skype lessons with you helped my fingers get used to different and easier,
more fluent ways of playing and now I can see you've opened up that whole concept to another level entirely. " — Stickrad, Australia