CD Transmigration - Sticks and Stones (Tim Reynolds/Greg Howard)

$ 8.00

This is an improvisation CD I recorded withTim Reynolds in 1991.  Styles range from Eastern and Middle Eastern to electo-funk, jazz and space music....

Tim plays: guitar, sitar, violin, mandolin, percussion
Greg plays: Stick, alto sax, synths, drum machine, prepared flute, percussion.

I only play Stick on 4 tracks, but I really enjoy this session, and I hope you will too. These are burned CDs not replicated, so you won't get song info when loading into iTunes, etc.

Total Time: One Hour

Track listing:
A Distant Episode
Old Nick's Jig
The Crimson Gorge
Miller's Bounce
The Djinn Awakes
Voo Doo Artifice
The Bone People
Without Thinking

Sample Track with excerpts from:
Transmigration/Voo Doo Articife/The Bone People/A Distant Episode/Old Nick's Jig/Moonscape/Miller's Bounce/Dhama